Our program


Initial consult

Each family will receive a 30 minute phone consult within two weeks prior to their first class. During this consult, Galadriel works with clients to determine the most appropriate goal for their child during the course. You may like to see your child wave hello to a peer, use a vocabulary word, or participate for a specific amount of time. Wherever your child is, we can work together to help them make progress and create a valuable experience over the course of each session block. 

Total Communication

Total Communication refers to a teaching model that uses all communication modes in order to maximize child language outcomes. Children using augmentative communication such as speech generating devices or picture exchange will have access to all aspects of Hear My Song classes. Visual schedules, picture cueing and basic sign language will also be integrated into every class to provide inclusive instruction for all children.



Classes are 45 minutes each over the course of six weeks and will include no more than eight students. Children are required to attend with one supervising adult - any caretaker is welcome. Groups will be organized by age and developmental level as reported during the initial consult. Each class is developed according to the needs and goals of the children in each group and utilizes a total communication approach.

The Hear my song difference

While there are many music classes available to your family, Hear My Song provides a unique approach by tailoring curricula to every child's individual needs. Hear My Song does not provide therapeutic goals, rather, it provides an inclusive environment in which all students benefit from universal access. Children with and without special needs have been shown to experience positive outcomes from these kinds of inclusive environments.

Example of a visual schedule

Example of a visual schedule